Get Started!

Lost 50+ lbs and it was not hard! Try it! You will feel like a million bucks!

Hey, I know if you are like me, anything to do with your diet or food is sacred…not that you won’t change your eating behavior but you just find it too painful.

I know all about this attitude, it’s about your desire to look, feel and act better.

You just need to bite the bullet and say, “self, this is not going to be difficult or painful, it’s going to give me a new life and a new wardrobe”.  LOL

This is how to get started in my opinion. Develop a menu for 3 days, I used Dr. Colberts recipes and advice (free recipes and free advice with videos) Try his superb products and The Slender System or the 21 Day Detox Diet. I did the detox but did it for 5 weeks as I found it so easy and delicious coupled with looking in the mirror and seeing a new me! I also found a lot of clothes I couldn’t wear that now I could. How awesome!

Bottom line, JUST DO IT!

After losing 50lbs!

God Bless!



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