An Effective Diet Plan For Long Term Weight Loss

After losing 50lbs!

There is a notion that weight loss should be an excruciating experience. Most programs focus on extreme and unpalatable foods that cause you to shed a few pounds only for the weight to return with vengeance. Some of these meal plans leave you with extreme complications. A healthy diet plan for weight loss should consider your nutritional and dietary needs.

What is a healthy plan for weight loss?

Regardless of your goals, your body needs the necessary nutrients and energy to perform daily tasks. A healthy plan should also lower the risks of energy and nutritional deprivation. This is why the choice of what you eat is more important than what you avoid on your plate.

For a plan to be considered healthy, it should meet the following criterion

It should give emphasis to fruits, vegetables, low fat or fat free dairy products, nuts and berries.

The meal must include such lean meats and proteins as poultry, eggs, fish, beans and nuts

Reduce the amount of added sugars, trans and saturated fats, as well as sodium

The portion sizes should be controlled

One of the effective ways of losing weight in a healthy manner is by reducing calorie intake while increasing physical exercises. To reduce your weight by a pound to a pound and a half in a week, your calories intake should reduce by between 500 and 750. An intake of 1200 to 1500 calories in a day is enough to enable a woman to lose weight safely. For a man or for a woman who exercises regularly, 1500-1800 calories in a week are enough. Diet plans with less than 800 calories in a day should be avoided unless under the direction of a qualified doctor and nutritionist.

A typical healthy weight program


Oat Meal With Frozen Or Fresh Fruits

This is a call to switch from the cold and dried cereals to a hot bowl of whole grain cereals. The addition of a fruit ensures that you have a 100 less calories in the meal. The hot meal stays longer in the stomach, reducing your need to eat constantly. Include a cup or tea where processed sugar is substituted.

Mid Morning Snack

A medium size bowl of fruits will be enough.


A large serving of fruits and vegetables will be welcome for this meal. Choose the fruits and vegetables available from your local store. You have such options as red onions, cabbages, red bell pepper, cucumber, yellow squash and sweet potatoes.

A bowl of Italian bean soup is also welcome. A cup of chicken broth and spinach will do the trick. Such a meal can be frozen for future lunch.

Mid Afternoon Snack

Yogurt smoothie with some berries is a flavored and exciting option. You may add such fruits as bananas and avocado depending on your taste.


Prepare your favorite salad with seasonal produce and herbs. Include mustard salted salmon on your plate, prepared to your taste. Well prepared baked potatoes will help you meet your carbohydrate needs. Some berries will be a perfect choice for dessert.

Alternate food choices based on the ingredients in season. Include exercises throughout your diet plan. Consult a nutritionist and doctor if you have a health condition that requires a special diet.

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